Play Day August 17, 2018
The Brush Country Cowboy held a Play Day at the BCCC Arena on Friday, August 17. Books opened at 6 pm and the church service was led by Pastor Pat Traxler at 7 pm in the BCCC Fellowship Hall. Seventy-four contestants signed up to compete in Cloverleaf Barrels, Straight Barrels, Poles, Goat Tying, and Mystery Event. The Chuckwagon Concession Stand was open serving hamburgers, cupcakes, drinks, and other goodies. The Leadline winners were: 1st place – Kylie Ruiz, 2nd place – Arena Martinez, 3rd place – Sophia Thomas, 4th place – Brynleigh Meyer, 5th place – Abram Manrigve, 6th place – Kylee Sosa 7th – Aubrey Grace Davis. The Novice winners were: 1st place – Tanner Carrizales, 2nd place – Ryden Rathmell, 3rd place – Cheyann Pullin, 4th place – Molly Sayre, 5th place – Avery Martin, 6th place – Cy McClendon The Pee Wee winners were: 1st place Natileigh Meyer, 2nd place – Zane Guena, 3rd place – Brody Sandaval, 4th place - Aliza Garcia, 5th place – Cambry Cisneros, 6th place – River Huskey The Junior winners were: 1st place – Carlee Martinez, 2nd place – Logan Byars, 3rd place – Aryana Garcia, 4th place – Maddie Niemann, 5th place – Andriana Moron, 6th place – Taber Garcia The Senior winners: 1st place – Gracie Sparks, 2nd place – Hannah Reed, 3rd place – Brianna Reyes, 4th place – Samantha Ramires, 5th place – Quest Loya The Open winners were: 1st place – Morgan Blaschke, 2nd place – Kristi Ryan, 3rd place – Margret Yarbrough, 4th place – Amelia Garza, 5th place – Trish Reed, 6th place – Chiara Blaschke The Brush County Cowboy Church holds a Church Service each Sunday at 10 am. Everyone is welcome, bring your family and friends.